Lucky Bamboo

Asian people buy "Lucky Bamboo" when the Chinese New Year is approaching or to celebrate a business grand opening, the purchase of a new home or just for pure good luck! "Lucky Bamboo" has the following spiritual meanings:

  • Career - Climb up the ladder (advancement)
  • Business - Success in business venture (prosperity)
  • Health - Harmony and peaceful life (longevity)
  • Religious - Gracious, honorable and virtuous (Zen)
  • Relationship - Energize your love life
  • FengShui - Creation of positive energy in your environment (Chi)

Lucky Bamboo grows in water like cut flowers, but it will last for years. Place the bamboo in shallow water (about 1/2" - 2") in a vase. For best results change the water every other week. It is not necessary to feed the lucky bamboo.

Lucky Bamboo adapts to a new environment easily. Low light to bright indirect sunlight suits them well. It prefers temperatures ranging from 45 - 90 F.

Enjoy! and don't forget, you really can't kill this one!

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